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  • 6 April 2017

    “We reiterated at all our meetings that Europe should not let Brexit take it hostage,” said Minister Waszykowski. During his visit to Strasbourg, he met EP President Antonio Tajani, Chair of the EP Committee on Foreign Affairs David McAllister and Seyd Kamall, Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group at the EP. Minister Waszczykowski was accompanied by Ambassador Jarosław Starzyk.

    Minister Waszykowski and Antonio Tajani discussed mainly the outcomes of the Rome Summit, commemorating the 60th anniversary of signing the Treaty of Rome. During the meeting they also discussed the upcoming visit of the EP President to Poland. They exchanged views on the future of the European Union and its situation in the Brexit context. “I presented our Brexit priorities – Poles living in Great Britain, whose rights ought to be respected (…). We also agreed that Brexit does not only entail new relations between Great Britain and the European Union, but also the attempt to repair the European Union,” added the MFA chief.


    “The European Parliament will advocate a just settlement of the issue of rights of EU citizens in Great Britain and British citizens in EU member states,” noted the MFA chief. He went on to underscore that EP’s and Poland’s representatives share the views on negotiation principles with the UK, as well as on the scope of issues to be covered by the agreement preceding UK’s withdrawal from the EU. Minister Waszczykowski also stressed that it is of vital importance for the EU now to remain united. “Reaching a compromise is necessary if we want to build trust in our actions. If we want to make sure that the Polish government supports unfailingly the political and institutional coherence of the whole Union. Notwithstanding the pace of the integration process, we all need to go in one direction, to have one goal, to have one vision and confidence in a strong and prosperous Union. I believe that member states can work out a solution that will strengthen the EU and will translate into its further development,” argued the head of the Polish diplomacy.



    Minister Waszykowski and Chair David Mc Allister discussed the situation in Russia and Belarus, in the Eastern Partnership countries and Western Balkans. The chief of diplomacy commented on the recent anti-government protests in Russia. “I informed Mr Mc Allister that Poland believes that the protests orchestrated by the Foundation for Fighting Corruption confirmed the status of Aleksei Navalny as opposition’s leader. I also informed him on the activities undertaken by Poland to foster the rapprochement between Belarus and Europe. We also discussed the situation of the Eastern Partnership countries and Western Balkans, pointing to the constructive role of the EU in these regions,” he said.


    The MFA Chief talked with Seyd Kamall, Chair of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group at the EP on political cooperation on the forum of the European Parliament, against the backdrop of the current political developments in the EU, such as the forthcoming EU-UK negotiations.


    Today’s meetings of the head of Polish diplomacy in Strasbourg confirmed the concurrence of Poland’s and European Parliament’s views on numerous issues on the current European and international agenda, in particular on the challenges facing the EU today and the need to seek a platform for understanding and effective solutions to do away with the so-far divisions.  


    The talks took place in the margins of the European Parliament’s plenary session in Strasbourg.  The main session focused on the negotiations of European Union and Great Britain in the context of triggering exit procedure by Prime Minister Theresa May on the basis of Art. 50 TEU. Other debates covered topics such as the situation in Russia and Belarus.


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