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    Polish Representatives to the EU - Permanent Representative - Head of Mission




     Jarosław Starzyk, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary




    - is Poland's Representative to the EU. He has overall responsibility for the work of Polish Representation and represents Poland in the Committee of Permanent Representatives COREPER (part II - Ambassadors). This focuses mainly on the issues covered in European Councils, in the General Affairs Council, External Relations Councils, Economic and Financial Councils (ECOFIN), Budget, Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), and Development Councils (Jarosław Starzyk's CV).


    Mr. Antoni Adamowicz, Counsellor, Antici, tel. +32 2 7804 239 


    Ms. Agata Lipska, Second Secretary, Deputy Antici, tel. +32 2 7804 378


    Ms. Bogna Regulska, Secretariat, tel. +32 2 7804 220

    * * * 

    Deputy Permanent Representative


    Representative to COREPER I


     Mr. Sebastian Barkowski - First Counsellor


    - represents Poland in the Committee of Permanent Representatives - COREPER (part I). Bears the responsibility for the following six Council's configurations: Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council; Competitiveness Council; Transport, Telecommunications and Energy Council; Agriculture and Fisheries Council; Environment Council; Education, Youth and Culture Council.(click here for Sebastian Barkowski's CV)

    Ms. Iga Pocztarek-Tofil, First Secretary, Mertens; tel. +32 2  7804  371
    Ms. Ilona Kowalczyk, Secretariat  , +32 2  7 804 266
    * * *  

    Representative to the Political and Security Committee/Deputy Head of Mission


    Mr. Maciej Karasiński - First Counsellor, Representative to the Political and Security Committee


    - represents Poland in the PSC and is especially responsible for foreign and security policy.


    Ms. Ewa Suwara, Counsellor, Deputy PSC Representative/Nicolaidis, tel. +32 2 7804 310


    Ms. Ewelina Kondaszewska, Secretariat, tel. +32 2 7804 224





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